Why traditional advertising is not helping you

Traditional advertising is an outdated concept now. Let’s be real- ain’t nobody got time to listen to boring video that is just “bragging” about how good THEY ARE.. it worked in stone age.. LoL OR when we just had Doordarshan and DD Metro.. (Some might not understand what I am trying to say- it’s not your fault.. you were born late..)

So.. basically when we had Doordarshan and DD metro as the sole source of consuming entertainment, we had not much choice to watch the TV commercials they used to run that time. Coz dahh.. we couldn’t fast forward or switch channels.

But.. but.. but.. Now we have so many options.. 900+ TV channels.. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and what not.. So why do you think people will invest 10-15mins of their time to watch you “BRAG” about how wonderful YOUR PRODUCT is.. I mean WHY.. They have their own issues to deal with.. ;) 

Can I be real baby.. these days people just want to watch stuff that can make them feel that YOU CARE… ABOUT THEM..


How to Promote and Brand Yourself

In today's time everything revolves around promotion. The success and failure of any venture or idea depends upon how well you have promoted it. Coz lets face it.. if people don't know about you or your business.. then you loose the possible opportunity. Obscurity is the biggest problem..Number one problem in today's time..
Whenever people google about your nature of business then your name should come up. If that is not happening you are going to blame the market. People should know about you and your business. 
That is why I have listed 4 key habits on How to Promote and Brand Yourself1- Become a source of relevant information. 

People should call you for expert advice. They need to trust you on your ideas and suggestions. If you keep yourself updated then, my friend, congratulations.. you are already taken the first step towards building your personal brand
2- Get your story straight. Everyone is a hero in their own life.

So, like any origin story, yours will shed light…

7 Easy Steps To ENHANCE Your Movie WATCHING Experience

1. What’s Your Favourite Genre- First and foremost everyone prefers to watch a movie which is of some interests. Today film industry caters films which have many shades of life in a 2 hour film. Those who are inclined towards suspense thriller they may go for Gone Girl, The Equalizer or may be Shutter Island. People who wish to go out just for entertainment they may go for comedy movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel, Dumb and Dumber To etc. 

2. Read The Reviews- Read your movie’s review in more than one web portals or newspapers. is your best buddy when it comes to movie review. 3. Grab Your News Diet- Keep yourself updated about all the progress and development the film is making in the market. Grab all the news which is related to the movie you are planning to watch. Box Office Reviews are must.

4. Listen To The Music Track- It’s better to listen to some of the music track, if any, the film is holding in its name. This will help you stay connected with the movie in the theater…

Sales Pitch Video

Sales for any organization is crucial. We believe that the best way to craft a sales pitch is through a Sales Pitch Video/ marketing film. This kind of video production is new and is solely designed by Kraction Films Production and Communication for new and aspiring business person to showcase their expertise in a different and better way. 
Our marketing video overcomes challenges in getting response to your sales pitch e-mailers and social media marketing campaigns.
The idea of developing sales pitch video or marketing video came from our human psychology to buy products and services. We buy them by evaluating, comparing and looking at it personally, as this builds trust and confidence in spending money on them. 
Same goes with your client as well. Even for the geographically diverse audience nothing can be better than pitching in sales through a video format and let them call you back with queries for your offerings.
WHY a Sales Pitch Video- It compliments sales pitch e-mailers & tea…

Oscars: Mexico's film academy selects 'Cantinflas' for Foreign-Language Category

The film "Cantinflas" is a biopic about iconic comedian Mario Moreno. 
"Cantinflas" will be looking to make history as Mexico's first winner in the foreign language category. The untold story of Mexico's greatest and most beloved comedy film star of all time, from his humble origins on the small stage to the bright lights of Hollywood.

Sebastian del Amo’s "Cantinflas" is an ambitious biopic that attempts to tell the life story of the pioneering Mexican comic actor while dramatizing a crucial week in the career of producer Michael Todd in his attempt to wrangle an international cast for his big Hollywood production, "Around the World in 80 Days." 

Anyone who’s familiar with Mexican cinema (or TV shows for that matter,) knows who Cantinflas was, but not many people know the real story behind the character. This movie, directed by Sebastián del Amo, tells the sentimental story about an actor who began his career in a most unlikely way: sweepin…

Face Of "Developing" India

भारत प्रगती की ओर अग्रसर है... मगर हुमारे बीच कुछ भारतीय ऐसे भी है जिनको दो वक़्त का खाना भी नसीब नहीं हो पता है... पिछले दीनो हमारी केमरा टीम ने इन लोगो से बात करी...
उनके बारें में जान कर दूख तो हुआ पर यूँ अफ़सोस जाता कर क्या हासिल होगा... जब तक कोई ठोस कदम ना उठाया जाए... क्यूंकी यह भी समृद्धि भारत का ही हिस्सा है... और इन्हें भी एक समुचित ज़िंदगी जीने का हक है...
अपनी राय दें.. के एक ज़िमेंदार नागरिक होने के नाते हम क्या कर सकते हैं...

Habits Of A Charismatic Person

Easy to adopt..and wonderful to possess.
An Exceptionally Charismatic Person is hard to forget. You may forget the name and face of that person but it is difficult to forget as how wonderful you felt with them. Their charm will remain with you forever.
You and I..or may be everyone wants to feel good and valued during any conversation. A person looses interest whenever he feels less important in any kind of social or may professional conversation. And either ways, your aim must be to give an impression or to show your charm which stays with the person whom you are talking with.

Here Are The Tips Which You Must Adapt In Your Lifestyle
1. Embrace Imperfection: It is a myth that most charismatic people are perfect in every ways.The only difference is that they accept the imperfection they have. Vulnerability will make you more likable. As you don't have to portray things which are not there in you. So, if you are nervous then use this as to connect with the one you are talking to. Coz…