Advertising and Brand Loyalty

Impact Of Advertising On Brand Loyalty

When organizations are looking to trim budgets, one of the first places they look at is the marketing and advertising budget. Sometimes the biggest reason is that marketing and corporate executives do not see the "return on investment" in the money the organization is placing in the activities. They think that it is the most expendable activity and having a strong customer base with strong USP, they don't need to search for customers.

Basically advertising is meant to inform people about what the business or organization has that can improve a person's life. This can be the first and very important step when you are launching a new product ot services. To keep people informed about what you have that can  make them improve their life is very essential. The unique selling preposition, or USP, also plays a very important part when you are thinking for launching your new product or services. 

Especially in the "Information Age." Look: in today's cluttered environment, an advertising campaign has to be focused, creative, and appealing to not only get the customer's attention but to drive them to action. Action is the only way a customer could know that the advertising was accurate and effective. 

Usually the marketing or corporate executives focuses on the advertising campaign at the time of launch. But fail to continue to maintain it for a longer period of time. 

Your purpose of advertising campaign was to inform you perspective customers as well as keeping him connected with your brand for a longer period of time. This is where Brand Loyalty comes in action. Once the customer is introduced to the brand, the brand must be able to satisfy the needs and wants that the message (the advertising) said it would. After the initial engagement, it is then advertising's purpose to remind the customer of the experience they had? As long as the advertising hits the right part of the brain, the organization will have a recurring customer. 


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