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Sales Pitch Video

Sales for any organization is crucial. We believe that the best way to craft a sales pitch is through a Sales Pitch Video/ marketing film. This kind of video production is new and is solely designed by Kraction Films Production and Communication for new and aspiring business person to showcase their expertise in a different and better way.  Our marketing video overcomes challenges in getting response to your sales pitch e-mailers and social media marketing campaigns. The idea of developing sales pitch video or marketing video came from our human psychology to buy products and services. We buy them by evaluating, comparing and looking at it personally, as this builds trust and confidence in spending money on them.  Same goes with your client as well. Even for the geographically diverse audience nothing can be better than pitching in sales through a video format and let them call you back with queries for your offerings. WHY a Sales Pitch Video- It complimen

Oscars: Mexico's film academy selects 'Cantinflas' for Foreign-Language Category

The film "Cantinflas" is a biopic about iconic comedian Mario Moreno.  "Cantinflas" will be looking to make history as Mexico's first winner in the foreign l anguage category. The untold story of Mexico's greatest and most beloved comedy film star of all time, from his humble origins on the small stage to the bright lights of Hollywood. Sebastian del Amo’s "Cantinflas" is an ambitious biopic that attempts to tell the life story of the pioneering Mexican comic actor while dramatizing a crucial week in the career of producer Michael Todd in his attempt to wrangle an international cast for his big Hollywood production, "Around the World in 80 Days."  Anyone who’s familiar with Mexican cinema (or TV shows for that matter,) knows who Cantinflas  was, but not many people know the real story behind the character. This movie, directed by  Sebastián del Amo, tells the sentimental story about an actor who began his car

Face Of "Developing" India

भारत प्रगती की ओर अग्रसर है... मगर हुमारे बीच कुछ भारतीय ऐसे भी है जिनको दो वक़्त का खाना भी नसीब नहीं हो पता है... पिछले दीनो हमारी केमरा टीम ने इन लोगो से बात करी... उनके बारें में जान कर दूख तो हुआ पर यूँ अफ़सोस जाता कर क्या हासिल होगा. .. जब तक कोई ठोस कदम ना उठाया जाए... क्यूंकी यह भी समृद्धि भारत का ही हिस्सा है... और इन्हें भी एक समुचित ज़िंदगी जीने का हक है... अपनी राय दें.. के एक ज़िमेंदार नागरिक होने के नाते हम क्या कर सकते हैं...

Habits Of A Charismatic Person

Easy to adopt..and wonderful to possess. An Exceptionally Charismatic Person is hard to forget. You may forget the name and face of that person but it is difficult to forget as how wonderful you felt with them. Their charm will remain with you forever. You and I..or may be everyone wants to feel good and valued during any conversation. A person looses interest whenever he feels less important in any kind of social or may professional conversation. And either ways, your aim must be to give an impression or to show your charm which stays with the person whom you are talking with. Here Are The Tips Which You Must Adapt In Your Lifestyle 1. Embrace Imperfection: It is a myth that most charismatic people are perfect in every ways.The only difference is that they accept the imperfection they have. Vulnerability will make you more likable. As you don't have to portray things which are not there in you. So, if you are nervous then use this as to connect with the on

Selfie Fever- Now with your favorite beast

I bet you will definitely going to use these kinds of selfie Selfie Fever Lemme See What's In Here?? :P A Click With The King Selfie Eyes On The Camera Selfie Selfie With Cats You Adore Selfie Which Speaks A Lot.. Oxygen Sharing Selfie Look Who's Better?? Your Selfie And Your Beast The Similar SMILE Selfie The Similar SMILE Selfie  Screaming For Help Selfie

Selfie Fever

Selfie Fever Time To Talk About Some Tips And Techniques These days people are bit obsessed for taking Selfie or self portraits. What is the tough part in selfie is to come up with new ideas. Selfie Fever Tip #1: The problem that usually comes up while taking a selfie is of focus. So, why not place someone or some object on the place where you want your to focus. Height doesn't matter so much as distance, but try to match it to yourself as best as you can for accuracy. Tip #2: Try standing by the corner of the wall or the building. This will give you two benefits in one go. First, you will get the best focus for yourself. And second, you will get a decent amount of depth of field. Tip #3: Use props to express your personality or emotions. This will give you added advantage to be at ease and express naturally. Sample Image Tip #4: Self timer is the best option for selfie. Place your camera on table or on any shelf and express your heart out in your clicks.

The Secret to Increase Your Sales

How Can I Improve My Videography and Photography Sales You met people and hope they will pay you to take their portrait or film their event. I am sure you have noticed that not everyone you try to sell to actually buys from you. And hopefully you understand that even if they don’t buy from you today, they may buy from you tomorrow. From ads to your online point of purchase itself, video helps people learn about your product, understand its appeal, and feel more confident buying it. Over 40 percent of sales can be increase merely by uploading your credibility video online. This can be the testimonials from the people you have worked with already. Here are the sales process that can help you to increase your business: 1. Attract Now a days social media can be the most convinenet and global option for making your prospect aware about your services. You need to get people into your sales process. Attracting people to enter your sales process could be something such

I Want To Increase Traffic On My Website

Solutions: I Want To Increase Traffic On My Website Building good and consistent traffic on your website or on your social media portal is not that tough as it seems. Here are the basic steps that you can take to increase traffic on your website. Offer Quality Content On Your Site:  These days people are fond of reading interesting articles and things that can be  useful for them. Brain storm on what your target audience wants to know about the most. This can be any form of entertainment or  solution to their problems. Keep Updating Your Website:  It has been noticed that people tend to visit those website which quenches their audiences  every time they visit the site. Add fresh content every few days if possible; at a minimum, weekly. Add Videos At Your Landing Page:  Video and images capture our sense at much faster rate than text heavy article. So, why not using  them to attract your audience. Share Your Updates On Social Networking Sites:  Channelise every bit of yo

Global Movie and Entertainment Industry Trends

Key Trends That Independent Filmmakers Must Follow In today’s dynamic entertainment environment, hundreds of movies release each year in Bollywood and find it difficult to stay afloat amidst the tough competition. The marketers behind these projects are forced to search for innovative ways to draw their audience towards the theaters. With a change in growing trends, the marketing approach in Bollywood is changing too. New media is the latest platform to market movies. Movie websites, Social Networking Sites, blogs, mobile phones and games are the recent new media tools being used for revenue generation.  Social Media: Nowadays social media is playing a crucial role for marketing and advertising purpose. Not only bollywood/ hollywood films and events are showcased on such platform, but also controversial videos/ images are also attracting a lot of audience. According to a market analysis, on-line and mobile distribution of movies is expected to be the fastest growing sector in f

Film making

Film-making is not a job but a passion to create something unique every time you pick up your camera and shoot. For the creative breeds like us, all it takes is to find a decent location with great script & talent and start shooting.  But what is bit painful is to decide about the kind of video we would need according to our purpose and of course its budget. We have marketing films, training video, corporate films, television commercial, induction/ orientation video, documentaries, promotional video and the list has no end. So, deciding upon which kind of video will suit your purpose is a big question. Today you think about any need and there you go! You'll get to hear about that kind of video film. As we all know that digital world has made us to imagine films genre and its treatment without any limits. So, now all we need is to imagine what we need to show in the film and you'll get it without much pain. But the question still pertains.."How am I going t