Tips For Corporate Filmmaking

Most marketing departments don't know how to make a corporate video worth talking about. When it comes to producing corporate videos, most internal marketing departments work on a "safe departments" criteria. Which means  "Safe" works.. "Safe" is easy. "Safe" will keep your job. "Safe" sells. "Safe" gets me through the day.

Not really. "Safe" doesn't produce conversations. "Safe" doesn't ignite action. "Safe" doesn't make me think harder. Or differently. Or stretch me. "Safe" doesn't make me go, "A-Ha!" this is the company i am looking out for.

We have seen in a number of corporate videos in which they have used adjective which only give an outer sense of what a company is. But the message that should convey through their corporate video is lost between the visuals, graphic and background score.

Producing a remarkable video for your company isn't hard. It takes work, it takes time, but it's not hard. All you need to take care of is the core message that has to be conveyed through your corporate video. "WITHOUT YOU SAYING IT OUT LOUD IN YOUR FILM"..LET THE FILM SAY IT FOR YOU."

Here are the key notes that you should keep in mind before even drafting the script for your corporate film.

5 Tips For Your Corporate Film 

  1. Be a storyteller for your corporate video. Think about a STORY that can convey the journey of your company with remarkable milestone that has been achieved so far. Avoid excess use of figures and text heavy corporate film. Your target audience can read your statistics from your annual report. So chill. 
  2. Give your audience a feel of being in a virtual journey and give them the liberty to understand the message by their own. Don't try to highlight they key message deliberately in your video. 
  3. Think eMOTION. "e" for emotion, energy, enthusiasm, engaging. Video captures emotion unlike any other medium. Use it accordingly. Keep your charts, PDF's and spreadsheets away from video.
  4. Find the motive behind your corporate film. Look for a subject that can bind your story together. Every employee in the company has its own set of story to tell. So, let them speak and be the HERO of your film. Capture emotions as they speak. 
  5. Your corporate film will represent your company. So keep a check on the QUALITY of your video output. Hire the most qualified producer and director you can. Find a producer who understands exactly what you are trying to accomplish; not what they need to make their demo reel look better. 


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